Gain Portuguese residency with Golden Visa flexibility – Get the Portugal HQA Visa for only 175,000, ALL-IN.

Want to obtain residency in Portugal in 2024, without the need to move there immediately? The Portugal Highly Qualified Activity (HQA) Visa offers the ease and flexibility of a standard Golden Visa, but at only around 30% of the total capital layout.

Compare the HQA Visa to the Portuguese Golden Visa and Startup Visa Programs below, or contact us now for a free consultation…


A reduced-cost business investment solution that yields Portuguese residency with Golden Visa flexibility.

Hands-on or hands-off: You determine your own level of project involvement based on your individual objectives.

Unrivaled speed: Approvals within 30 days, and residency permits in under 90 days.

Company formation, bank account, back office support and business incubation included for 3 years.

The ultimate back-up plan for your family, plus a platform for launching or expanding your business in Europe.

Concierge-style “white glove” service – we do all the heavy lifting.

No minimum prescribed in-country stays – come and go as you please.

A clear path towards Portuguese citizenship – you’ll build the requisite real world ties during the course of your residency.

Key HQA Program benefits

Gain a Portuguese residency with Golden Visa flexibility for only €175,000 all-in – only 25% of the total layout for a Golden Visa.

Obtain residency approval in as little as 30 days, and residency permits in under 60 days thereafter – we do all the heavy lifting.

Bring your spouse, parents over 65 and children under 18 along; and your spouse can legally work in Portugal.

Benefit from Portugal’s highly attractive Non-Habitual Tax Residency (NHR) Program for your first 10 years of residency…

Own 100% of your own Portuguese corporation, which in turn owns 100% of all Intellectual Property produced through your R&D investment.

Gain the right to work and do business in Portugal within your enterprise, and enjoy startup incubation and full back-office support services for 3 years.

Enjoy access to Portugal’s world-class National Health Service (SNS) as a Portuguese resident – and your family can too (subject to registration).

Once you’ve held your Portuguese legal residency status for 12 months or longer, your newborn children can become Portuguese citizens with ease.

Who should consider applying for the HQA Visa in 2024?

While the HQA’s program requirements are essentially “applicant agnostic”, it is nonetheless well-suited to the following groupings of applicants:

Startup founders, entrepreneurs and professionals with a background in:

  • Medical and healthcare technology, including mobile healthcare services (MHealth)

  • Biotechnology, nanotechnology and pharmaceuticals

  • eCommerce and consumer products (FMCG)

  • Digital communication and media technologies;

  • Electronics and hardware technologies

  • Energy, and renewables, in particular

  • Industrial products, services and technology

  • Information technology (IT)

  • Blockchain and crypto technology.

  • Software As A Service (SAAS).

  • Marketing Technology (MarTech; MAAS).

  • – AgriTech and BlueTech / SeaTech

Based on your area of expertise in one of the above or similar fields, your service provider will suggest a startup idea or business concept for your enterprise.

Why choose the HQA Visa?

The HQA Visa is increasingly becoming popular among Britons, Canadians, North Americans, Russians, Chinese nationals, Iranians and Middle Easterners in general.



Minimum Investment 500,000+ excluding professional fees, transfer duties, taxes and exit costs. €175,000 ALL-IN
Application Process Duration 12 – 18 months 30 days to approval, 90 days to residency permits
Family Eligibility Yes  Yes
Road to Permanent Residency & Citizenship Yes Yes
Minimum In-Country Stay Requirement Per Year 1 Week Per Year In-country stay exceptions
Portuguese Language Test Required No (Only when applying for Citizenship) No (Only when applying for Citizenship)
Non-Habitual Residency Program Eligibility Yes Yes
Professional Services Fees €20,000+  €0 – fees included
Passive Income Required No No
Medical Insurance Required Yes, initially Yes, initially
Portuguese Tax Number (NIF) Required Yes Yes

The HQA Visa application process at a glance

  1. Submit your initial documentation, along with your detailed resume, a copy of your passport, and a brief written outline of your startup idea.

  2. Schedule a Zoom call with the startup incubator in Portugal.

  3. The incubator issues a Term Sheet.

  4. Submit all documentation requirements, and transfer your incubation fee into a secured Escrow Account.

  5. Your application is submitted to the relevant Portuguese immigration authority.

  6. Your consular interview is scheduled for approximately 3 weeks thereafter.

  7. Visit Portugal within approximately 90 days to meet with local authorities and apply for your Portuguese Residence Permit(s).

  8. Meet with the incubator and government-supported R&D facilities for business incorporation and strategic startup planning.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to visit Portugal again at the 2-year interval to renew your residency permit, and again at the 5-year interval to either renew it, or apply for permanent residency or Portuguese Citizenship.

Key Program Requirements

  • Establish a Portuguese corporation and make an incubator investment of €175,000, which includes a company capitalization of €25,000.

  • Gain the support of the HQA Program business incubator, which is partnered with public research institutions in Portugal.

  • Participate in an approved business incubator for a period of 3 years. You can be as hands-on or as passive a player as you choose to be.

  • Provide proof of a clean criminal record

  • Renew your residency permit after 2 years, and then again after 3 years.

Why choose to work with us

✓ THE HQA VISA PIONEERS: Our business incubation team helped the Portuguese government develop the HQA Visa Program.

✓ TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS: Over 15 candidates successfully processed since 2019, when the program launched.

✓ PEACE OF MIND: Your investment fee is held in escrow until your visa application is approved, and is 100% refundable if your application is not successful.

✓ STARTUP DEVELOPMENT ACUMEN: Our team are experts at helping startup founders and entrepreneurs develop successful products and services, from concept origination to developing a minimum viable product and establishing product-market fit.

✓ THE HQA VISA PIONEERS: Our business incubation team helped the Portuguese government develop the HQA Visa Program.

✓ TALENT ACQUISITION: Our incubator team in Portugal have close relationships with universities and public research facilities, and can help you identify high-potential future employees, should your startup enterprise require this.

✓ WHITE GLOVE SERVICE: Comprehensive back-office support for three years is part of the deal. We can manage the daily startup operations, research oversight and product or service development on your behalf, should you prefer to take a more passive, hands-off approach to the process.

✓ TRUSTED NETWORK ACCESS: Joining the HQA Incubator Program means that you’ll enjoy access to our trusted network of suppliers for business, legal and other settlement related services – so you can hit the ground running with confidence.