Meet the core team behind Portugal Startup Visa

Portugal Startup Visa comprises a team of seasoned experts in the fields of overseas startup incubation and residency and citizenship by investment.

Working with a trusted network of legal and advisory partners specializing in numerous visa programs across three continents, our objective is simple:

To help more foreign investors, businesses and families establish a Plan B in Portugal.

Andre Bothma Portugal Startup Visa Founder 2022


Originally hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Andre spends half of his time in Portugal. Having started his career involvement in the residency and citizenship by investment space on the demand generation side half a decade ago, he now connects global supply and demand across a range of RCBI programs worldwide. Andre works with some of the biggest brands in the investment migration industry, while also partnering with a number of boutique firms specializing in business investment based residency and income based residency programs. He is also an editorial contributor to industry-leading RCBI publication,


 A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Shaun serves as the VP of Business Development for the business incubator we collaborate with on the HQA Visa Program. Shawn has a proven track record of driving business results and fostering long term strategic global partnerships across borders. Additionally, he has built and lead high-performing national sales and recruitment teams across industries. His business development acumen and unique experience working for and with some of Canada’s most acclaimed universities provides Portugal Startup Visa with invaluable insight.